Partial Tax Records for Surry County, VA from 1782 to 1841
This database does NOT contain ALL Surry County tax records for the time period covered.
It contains only those names that were of interest to the primary researcher.

Web Database Created by Richard Moss from Original Research by Anne Gwaltney

This database is under construction and currently covers from 1782 to 1841 except 1808 which is missing.


Fill in the Surname field and optionally the Given Name, then click on the "Submit Query" button.
NOTE: The Data in the original records had different columns for some years, thus for now it is divided into two parts. Both are given in the results, but in separate tables.
The first group has years 1782-1805, 1827, 1835, 1837-1839, 1841. The second group has years 1806-1807, 1809-1826, 1828-1834, 1836, 1840.
You can enter partial names, and all the names starting with what you entered will be found. If the Given Name field is left empty, all given names associated with the entered Surname will be found.
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Examples: Brown will find "Brown" and "Browne" and all the given Names associated with them, Amos Brown, John Brown, William Browne, etc.
Entering just an A in the Surname field will find all the names starting with an "A".
Entering * in the Surname field, and no Given Name will find all Surname entries (currently about 11900 from about 200 unique Surnames).
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query1=select * from P1 where SurName regexp '^ ' AND GivenName regexp '^' order by Date
query2=select * from P2 where SurName regexp '^ ' AND GivenName regexp '^' order by Date
Rows in Part1 = 0
Rows in Part2 = 0
SurnameGiven NameDistrictDateFree Males TithableAdd Free Male Tithable SurnameAdd Free Male Tithable Given NameSlaves,Other TithableTax(£.s.p, or $)Notes
SurnameGiven NameDateFree Males 16+Slaves 12-16Slaves16+Horses, MulesOther TaxableTaxNotes